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Post  NDS Online Admin on Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:53 pm

Well, if you've recently been on the website while using an Internet Explorer based web browser, you'll have noticed the new pop-up saying that you are not using a supported web browser. Well, if that's the case, the reason why we now have it is so that when the Blue Waves Remix update comes out, you'll be using a supported web browser. If you are not using a supported one with update 5.00, you will be re-directed to the old and current NDS Online. If you are using a supported one, then you will be able to continue viewing Blue Waves Remix normally. Also, if you are re-directed to the old NDS Online, we will be trying to keep it updated as well, but we will only continue support for it until June, which means that at that time the Blue Waves Remix has been out for 2 months. After that you will not be re-directed to the old NDS Online, but to a page that will state that your web browser is not supported and will not be able to be viewed on your PC until a Netscape based browser is installed. Some supported browsers are:
•Mozilla FireFox
•Google Chrome
The un-supported browsers are:
•Rogers Web Browser (Canada Only)
•Microsoft Internet Explorer
So, you will not be re-directed until update 5.00 (Blue Waves Remix) comes out.
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