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Post  NDS Online Admin on Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:48 pm

Hello all NDS Online Forum users and guests! We are currently working on a new section called Website Pals, which will be released with the Blue Waves Remix update! It's going to be the section where you can have YOUR website advertised! To get it advertised, you must:
•Be a member of this forum
•Have a button for your website made
•You must have or know the buttons HTML code
•You cannot have a .com, .ca, etc... address, and it must be .piczo.com. .webs.com, etc...
All websites will be scanned for viruses using the X-Secure™️ Service. If you have an X-Secure™️ Subscription, then no scan will be necessary. If not, then there will be a one-time scan. No service or button code will be given out. Any websites submitted must either be from a reply to this post, or through forum message. No submissions before April 1st will go through until that day. Also, no submissions that are through THIS forum will go through and will be deleted.
-NDS Online Staff
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