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Post  NDS Online Admin on Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:08 pm

This is the first announcement of the NDS Online Points! What are they? They are going to be points that will be given based on your forum performance. You can earn points by:
•1 Post: 1 Point
•New Topic: 2 Points
•1 Beta Test: 5 Points
Forum Levels:
•Level 1: 10 Points
•Level 2: 20 Points
•Level 3: 30 Points
•Level 4: 40 Points
•Level 5: 50 Points
•Star Level: 100 Points
•Star Level Posts: 5 Points
•Pro Level: 200 Points
•Pro Level Posts: 10 Points
•Legend: 300 Points
•Legend Posts: 30 Points
You can use points for:
•Automatic Entry Into Betas (100 Points For 1 Year)
•Faster Downloads (100 Points For 6 Months)
•Free Website Advertising (200 Points Per Month)
•Free Downloads Before Entered In Download Centre (200 Points Per Month)
•Moderator On Forums (1000 Points)
•Direct Downloads (200 Points Per Month)
So, be sure to work hard to earn as many points as possible! Also, on holidays (based on Canadian calendar) you will automatically be given 50 Points! Also, in certain files, we will hide Point Codes! If you get a file with these codes, then email us your forum name, and the code, and the amount hidden will be rewarded to you!
-NDS Online Admin

*Points are not transferable. Also, if any Point Codes are found posted on the forum or the internet, then that code will be no longer accepted.*
NDS Online Admin
NDS Online Admin

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